Poems about romantic - Romantic Promise

Romantic Promise - Poem by azeez sangwa

I’m sick, I’m dying because of
what I miss
Like this, I cry because life
has no meaning
If kisses could fly, I would then
be a king.
But your wishes aren’t mine,
and real life is not a dream

When I think of death,
I see your pretty face
You’re an angel, no one can
ever win your race.
But you chose to kill me,
how can I be safe?
My heart explodes every time
your memories come to intercept

I wouldn’t blame you if you were
that blind to see.
But we’d once enjoyed a good
moment down in Red Sea
With that romantic promise
“this is how a couple should be”
You said that, while yourself
laying all over me

I shall make you queen,
if you choose to come back to me
You’ve the needle with my heart
in your hand, please don’t hurt me
I miss how you kissed my lips
while playing with my chin
If you let me, I shall stop your fears
and forget your sins