Poems about romantic - Romantic Survellance

Romantic Survellance - Poem by habib akewusola

Friday came with a change
The incubated hen got laid,
On this platter of grace shaped
Into spade,
Her beauty flows faster than
The rain
Washes through my vain
As I read within her photo and
Her lips says,
Hello my charming male,
Project my fame as the
World is created for love to play.
Her flamboyant sticed garment
Rolls down the carpet,
Let all stand welcoming the
Diamond that my heart target,
Elegant asset my mother recommends,
I'm foolishly in love with her

These creature matched the
Well arranged furnitures,
As we watch flashes turn out
To make pictures,
Never will I give up in making
Your sister my in law,
How would I resist these enigmatic
Honey clothed features,
Mirror of every man's imagination.
I will keep you in the deepest part
My heart treasures,
No excavator will ever expose us
Romance my lips with your
Liquid lip gloss,
Am drunk with this rhythmic liquor
I mean you are beyond words.

The tongue will only talk
My ears always appreciate your
As my heart is forever yours.
Happy birthday is all I tried to
Join my hands let's celebrate,
You know I respect today
We would share the night in these
Exotic cave,
Located in my romantic village.
Slice your custom pink cake
With inscription of our names
I baked for this special rave,
My love will never find its tail.