Poems about romantic - Romantic Rose Reseda

Romantic Rose Reseda - Poem by Aiden Florence

Roses are red
Lovers are fed
It's all romantic
Because roses adorn

With exquisite aroma
It comes alive,
Inside the glass
They finally unite

Under the aching thorn
Love is finally born
With such beautiful attire
It bathes in perfection

Covered in such magnificence
He's no prince charming,
Without one scenic essence
He'll never make it

He has no loyalty,
He stands no chance,
Not with her
Whom he'll never be with

It is such faith
She vowed to never hate
It is such element
He chose to desecrate

Such soothing betrayal
Ends in two casualties
Whom her boyfriend shot dead
In this eternal tragedy

With romance,
They fall
With taming Reseda
Petals fall

Roses are red
Lovers are dead
It's still so romantic
Because love pardoned them away

He's dead,
He feels no regret,
It was true love
That ended affection Lovette.