Poems about romantic - Romantic Nights

Romantic Nights - Poem by Michael Peterson

Dim lights, soft music, sun setting
a table set for two by the patio
a white cloth drapes the table
a single red rose, two wine glasses
a bottle of the finest wines
love Ballads on the radio
beautiful you dress so elegant
a sexy red dress made of silk
lovely long leg, finished with red high heels
long wavy hair, gorgeous eyes, Beautiful smile
heaven sent a sexy gorgeous you, makes my heart melt
gently I reach for your hand and swing you tightly to me
a romantic dance under the sun to our song
kissing you and whispering sweet loving
being with you makes the world go round
every night is a romantic night with you
every sunset make a beautiful background
with you dancing and swaying to the music
makes me desire and want you more
Everyday is so picture perfect with you.
you make every night a Romantic Night