Poems about school - Africa Is Late For School

Africa Is Late For School - Poem by AMADU KAMARA

Tick tock! the sound of the clock alarms for the 21st century
With long hand pointing to poverty's new route of journey
And short hand showing the life expectancy of untimely death
With development as a bell ringer ringing the late bell of economic building
With half past development and sharp poverty.

It's time for economic building
And Africa is still in slumber with poverty.
As silence is the word that speaks for the talented
With buried talent whom the future soothsays are
The leaders of tomorrow's still-born promises.

How can we be early to rise, early to school?
When the human mind is corrupt, thoughts become self centered
And society wallows into greed and selfishness
By creating a blank future for our predecessors
With shattered hopes and dreams.

If poverty is the national anthem of the day everyone pledges to,
Then we can sacrifice patriotism to unpatriotism because
If today's basic requirement of life isn't there,
Then how can we be happy of tomorrow's unpredictable fortunes or misfortunes
When we are living as magicians.

Unity slapped us on the face because
It's only when wools are interwoven a cotton can be sown.
The souls of our departed failed the dream of unity
And the arrived souls embrace the dream of corruption
Self centered with greed and selfishness.

Education is a hidden treasure that can only be found when educated
But the treasure is still hidden even after being educated
Because we, the indegenes have education while politicians progenies
Acquire quality education overseas so that they can be
Office inheritants of their fathers political legacies

Politicians are the virus of society need to be quarantined
As they engage the future of the youths into political thuggery
For their standstill promises and fabricated stories
By telling the people what they want to hear
And we are still amaze at their foolishness.

We are the government because we are the electorates of their sit-tight positions
Because without us, there will be no government And
Henceforth failing to do what is right as patriots will
However cause our lateness to school
As time and tide wait for no man.

I am still in a question with the angel of death for my existence.
War is what i want to rage against poverty
For letting Africa being late with the moving trend of the world
As we are irresistible in a society vaccine with corruption
Where the black race can no longer stem the roots.

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