Poems about school - Agony Of School

Agony Of School - Poem by Cory Calder

I walk through life,
Full of never-ending strife,
Void of my say.

The butt of every joke,
In every way.
They always poke,
Are you gay?

I’m sick of the pranks.
Sometimes I just want,
To attack them with shanks.
For each little taunt.

I dare not try nor tell,
They would just run and squeal.
Worsening this living hell,
Of no appeal.

Only I would be at fault.
They are like a toon,
Never coming to a halt.
I wish it would end soon.

Stupid is a good word,
Childish too.
To describe this absurd,
torture I go through.

They act like jerks,
Yet they have girlfriends.
They enjoy the perks,
And don’t care of the ends.

I’m civil and nice,
But always alone.
Free of any vice,
Yet I’m on my own.

If you can’t be good,
Then let me be.
Maybe someday you could,
From my side, see.