Poems about summer - A Farewell To Summer

A Farewell To Summer - Poem by Francis Duggan

The morning cool and scarce a puff of breeze
And pale eyed ravens cawing on the sunlit trees
And the last petal has gone from the rose
And Autumn near and Summer at a close.

Yet many butterflies are still about
In air warmed by the sun they venture out
Some live a forthnight and others live a day
And some things of beauty quickly die away.

I do feel sad when Summer's at an end
For I know her as a warm hearted friend
And though I like the Autumn in her gold
I find it cool 'I must be getting old'.

For years I've watched the Seasons come and go
And I've seen the northern mountains capped with snow
And I've heard the magpie in the southern Spring
His flute like notes have such a pleasant ring.

And I remember Summer far away
On sunny days the scent of new mown hay
And plain brown skylark carolling as he fly
Above the hillside bracken in july.

Than the Northern Summer the Southern far more warm
And the ultraviolet rays can do one harm
Of sun related cancer many people die
Those are the facts and the facts never lie.

Farewell dear Summer my warm hearted friend
It saddens me to see you at an end
And hope I'll still be alive and well in December of next year
For to welcome you back to the Southern Hemisphere.