Poems about summer - After The Summer

After The Summer - Poem by Somanathan Iyer

The dried lake cried with pain
Lifeless river looked for succor
Water less wells waited for springs
Barren lands buried in grief
Wailing trees worn out with heat
Woeful farmers fighting for survival
Scenes are these after a painful summer
Solace not found even after dry spell
Summer got an extension
Rains went on vacation
Monsoon dodged and headed for honeymoon
Fear of drought panicked the people
Raising prices emptied the pockets
Prayers for rains performed everywhere
Beliefs of yester years brought back to fore
Frogs and donkeys taken out in procession
Marriages of animals performed with fervor
To the likes of rain Gods who appeared unhappy
Whether prayers bore fruit or monsoon revived
The change occurred to the pleasure of everyone
Though delayed the rains made a welcome entry
All those living under the sky heaved a sigh
The lake smiled with vanished pain
With gushing waters filling its depths
The river flowed with fearless speed
Forgetting all those frustrating days
The wells filled with waters from springs
Raising the levels with rousing speed
The lands looked for ploughs to furrow
With wetter surface and waters nearby
The trees danced to the tune of winds
With welcome rains and drenched leaves
With folded hands and gleeful eyes
The farmers prayed with gratitude
for getting the chance to feed the nation