Poems about summer - Ah, Summer

Ah, Summer - Poem by Maurice Harris

Ah, Summer; the last season of my discontent,
The last days of my forced internment-
May they be cloudless and temperate,
To mirror the desires of my heart, as I figure it
Is sure to be many a moon, where
I fear not the spectre of this gloom's stare.
Surely there are brighter days ahead;
Surely, the abject fear and darkness are dead!

May the Sun shine again, in my direction;
May it offer the aegis of its protection.
Should there be rains, let them nourish, not drown;
Should there be clouds, let them lift me up, not weigh me down.

Ah, Summer; with its end comes my rebirth;
Then I shall know again, what freedom is worth!

-Maurice Harris,27 June 2011