Poems about summer - An Aussie Summer

An Aussie Summer - Poem by jerry hughes

The sun rises early.
'Bloody daylight saving.'
Birds fly. Grasses grow.
The Victa's primed and
splutters to life.

Johnny's off to play cricket.
Sarah's off to the beach.
Mum's making dinner.
Dad's mowing the lawn
and shooing off bees.

Next door awakes after
an all night party.
'Jesus, I'm still pissed'
His lament interrupted by
the flushing of the dunny.

A dog barks. A blue-tongue
uncomfortable with strangers
waddles into the hydrangers.

Midday. The sun's ablaze.
Mr Whippy's van circles.
Children run to it with
shiny coins and eyes.
The sounds of summer
punctuated by flies.

Early evening.
The kids return.
Johnny scored eighty
and took two wickets.
Sarah's red and glowing,
not only from the sun.

Mum's set the table
and prepared the tea.
Dad the silly bugger
was stung by a bee.