Poems about summer - 07/16/2007 Childhood - Summer

07/16/2007 Childhood - Summer - Poem by Coreena Dejesus

When I was child I played at the park,
I was told I had to be back by dark,
I looked at my watch it was a quarter to eight,
When the street lights came on not a mintue late,
Played at that park all summer long,
My little brother I dragged along,
He was a short little kid not too tall,
Boy did he love to play baseball,
Ran out of the house with his glove and bat,
I didn't want to take him I was such a brat,
Mom and dad said I had to be nice,
Guess that summer had it's price.

Got into trouble with the neighborhood kid,
Into the woods, my parents forbid,
A trip to the gas station, cigarettes we stole,
Fireballs and camp fires we were out of control,
Breaking the rules that we were taught,
Knowing one day we were going to get caught,
Behind the warehouse a fort to be made,
Finger prints left we were so afraid,
Grounded for a little while what a bummer,
Years later we look back at that summer,
Don't even have an ounce of regret,
Those are the memories we'll never forget.