Poems about summer - Aloha Summer

Aloha Summer - Poem by Ayla Fawad

When the sun brings about it's burning grace
The school gates are open and the kids in a race
The joyous season starts and God gives a wink
Our socks filled with sweat and our cheeks turning pink
Ice-cream, snowcone and lemonade stands
Sunny smiles and greasy hands
This is what's best of a summer day
All that happens in the mid of may

The light of the sun glows in your eyes
Trees filled with fruit and air with butterflies
Festivals, parades, fairs and fun
The realization that we are all one
Some time off to clear your mind and relax
Yoga, massages and making pots from wax
A grasshopper hopping and bees buzing in you ears
A time to love life and face all your fears

Sunny days, april rains, yellow dresses and baggy shorts
Radiant gardens, scents of life, and delicious juices of all sorts
Rollercoaster rides, water fights and shopping sales galore
All the excitement fills your heart to the core
You want to jump and laugh and sing
So much summer has to bring