Poems about summer - A Cold Summer

A Cold Summer - Poem by Ocean MisT

Oh! how cold this summer is!
silver sky pouring cold tears
gloomy trees departs its dying leaves
I wish that I in your heart still exists

How sad the song within the sleeping forest
as I long in your mellow touch and sweet caress
as a diamond glint upon the snow
the beauty lies in your soft soul

How the endless seas and summers skies
is as blue as your timeless eyes
the mild red roses is your untouched cheeks
and your lips is sweet as fresh berries

The pavementing of your body is a work of art
from the divine hand of a holy god
the pearl in your skin is as white as dove
that every man will love you with no doubt

Your hair is fine as moon shadows
a voice of yours that every ears adores
every move you make is beauty in beauty
to be with you is a sanctuary

Soon this summer will meet its end
I hope that my fate will change
or I must accept and be content
because you loves me just as a friend