Poems about summer - An Urban Summer

An Urban Summer - Poem by RONY PATRA

Summer is upon the city again, and this time it’s far worse
The people of the city consider it as God’s vile curse
Of course, the excessive, oppressive heat is no sudden thing
Something called “global warming” has added to this suffering

The sun beats down on its victims, and keeps spitting venom
On the hapless inhabitants of its seasonally sizzling kingdom
People pray to the Almighty for a much-needed April miracle
But all that they receive from Him is a sweltering debacle

The citizens crave for water and drinks, to remove their weakness
The water-tankers and juice sellers do rip-roaring business
Even the swimming pools and clubs laugh all the way to the bank
Refreshed and rejuvenated patrons do not find anyone else to thank

No child plays on the roads now, they all stay indoors
And wait desperately for summer to change its course
But alas! The mercury touches 42 degrees on the Celsius scale
And the children have no other option, except to hysterically wail

The tempers of the inhabitants go several notches higher
When they learn that rats nibbled at the main electricity wire
Everyday, for a few hours, their cool and patience is tested
And the doubts regarding the civic body’s negligence are rested

The rich and the middle-class bask in the cool comforts
Of the air-conditioners and fans in their personal forts
But the poor, disadvantaged beggars and labourers are not so lucky
Deaths due to heat and sunstroke are reported with alarming regularity

Rich or poor, all have the same prayer on their lips now
They want July to arrive fast, and the summer to take a bow
But time will take its own course, and till then everyone
Will have to face the wrath of the sweltering sun