Poems about summer - A Rain In The Summer

A Rain In The Summer - Poem by Preeth Nambiar

It is raining! A summer rain to quench the thirst of the tired leaves and then to penetrate deep unto the hot soil! The air has the fragrance of the soil and I remain here trying to perceive it to the deepest.

When the tender branches dance under the shower, my beloved, why do I feel my tired body immobile? ! When the wet soil seeks a blanket to cover its warmth, my dear, why do I feel sweat creeping through my forehead!

This is not just another evening! The breeze today brings me your fragrance from across the ocean. I'm trying in vain to sleep! When about to sleep nightmares wakes me up, but I want to sleep, embracing your memories!

I have just a picture of you and since long time I am here looking at your eyes… deep within you! Hidden in your world, do you hear the whisper of my thoughts? Let me fall unto the arms of sleep to dream you…just to dream you…to get up to another morning of hope for you! ! !