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Crazy - Poem by Joseph Ivie

I'm obsessed, i hope you know.
sneaky, ill slip into your soul, no doubt.
I'm like a deception, hear me out.
Don't turn your back, ill be right back.
I'll lurch on to you without a care.
My eye's are blazed im ready again.
Don't stop for a second, I'm deep within.
I spear myself into your mind.
creeping around your out of time.
Bathing in your blood, cause i like the taste.
It might not be right, i know im a disgrace.
sniff you in, i can't get enough.
come on i know, you can play rough.
finger tips sweating, licking lips clean.
I'm ready for tomorrow..i know you will be mean.
this scary place, is a haven of my disaster

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