Poems about crazy - Crazy

Crazy - Poem by sean alexander

Old mother sat
On top of my hat
So I beat jerry
With a baseball bat

I made him bleed
And planted my seed
I’m feeling good
Cause that’s how I feed

You think I am bad
Well that’s pretty sad
Cause I’ll slit your throat
if you make me mad

I shaved my head
It fell on my nose
A Nazi sign in my eye
And that’s how it goes

I’ll freak the f*ck out
If you give me a stare
I’ll stab you to death
Cause I don’t f*cking care

When my time is up
When they come to my cell

When they strap me all in
And the room starts to smell

Be sure of one thing
And be sure of it well

I’ll be laughing my head off.
While I am burning in Hell