Poems about crazy - Being Called Crazy

Being Called Crazy - Poem by Michael P. McParland

People don't have to like me
it's not required by any measure.
In this life we'll meet plenty who
we don't like nor do they us.
Sad that it is that way and we can't
just love one and all,
but that's the human condition so it is.

If I have not bothered other people though
why must you bother me?
I have no wish to make your life and day a living hell.
I've fought enough expelling rage and
I'm sick and tired of doing things that way.
So why attack me if I've not given to you
an offensive front directly?

I hate being called crazy it strikes many
nerves in very many ways.
It hurts and triggers a demonic rage which bursts,
I hate that feeling and I hate the name.
So if I've not attacked and hurt you
why must you turn and blindside me black and blue?

Crazy, psycho such conontations are weighty names
with a heavy blow that cuts and hurts.
I don't wish to hurt or mock a single person,
so all my comments on here are posotive.
I would rather talk about what I really like
and help build a person and their hope up.
So why attack when I've never worked to make you snap?

I'm not crazy it's just your perception,
I will write about and talk however I want,
because I'm not hurting anyone and if you don't
like it then why should you even care what I am doing.
Don't call me crazy just because I don't share
your exact perception,
to think I should just get in line is true insanity.