Poems about death - 'Til Death

'Til Death - Poem by moon batchelder

in silence did her mind despair
in solitude did weep.
til time did every wound repair
and rest her soul in sleep.
so none bore witness to her tears,
nor heard the tortured moans,
or noticed that she disappeared
or saw beyond her frowns.
and she their ignorance preferred.
and they, her alibis.
nor could she bare a single word
of pity or advice.

in loathing she, herself did blame.
in terror, held her peace.
taboo required she hide the shame,
the dreadful secret keep.
for who would dare to say such things?
and whom would be believed?
a child's confused imaginings,
or a father's frantic pleas?
so none heard mention of the crime,
which did her soul consume.
or how his threats had silenced her.
and she, herself, accused.

for years did she the rape endure
with none to grant reprieve.
his unknown felony insured
by dark fidelity.
so none could fathom her despair,
nor why she ran away
and forfeited her mother's care,
her home and family.
tho time and distance sutured every
gaping wound at last.
she died within a future
that could not escape her past.

and thus
in silence did her mind despair
unto her final day,
when death received her to his care
and washed away the stain.