Poems about death - 31........Love, Life And Death

31........Love, Life And Death - Poem by fawzia zie

~ Love, Life And Death ~

I was unaware of what love is
Till you showed it all
Through your eternal care,
Unconditional giving,
Selfless compassion,
And unbound faith on me
Augmenting joy in my life
Scintillating like the sun
And I knew what love meant.

I was unaware of what life is
Till you showed me
How to live,
How to smile,
How to laugh,
How to face the battles tough,
How to have faith on God,
How to respect my self,
How to feel contented with little things
How to eradicate the sufferings
How to float like the cloud
And I knew what life bestowed.

I was unaware of what death is
Till you left me alone in the world,
Plunging my existence into unending darkness,
Bringing tears to my eyes like the waterfalls
Piercing my heart with a thousand swords
Making it bleed till the blood dries
Throwing me into a void space
Ripping my unfulfilled dreams
And I knew what death brings.

(1st october 2009)