Poems about death - 'A: My Troll-Interpol Would Clobber Him To Death

'A: My Troll-Interpol Would Clobber Him To Death - Poem by Margaret Alice

Called a strange voice, Madam, you have
won a great new cell-phone with unheard-
of-before capacities, where shall it be
delivered – I’m waiting for the catch –
Madam, give me your bank number –
the Madam refuses; mellifluous voice
stating in dulcet tones - It is common
procedure to divulge your bank details
if you want what we’re offering…

But I never even listened to his litany of
attributes of this intrusive new phone,
happily I scare him with my Troll-Interpol
who would clobber him to death should I
reveal any personal details to a cell-phone-
toting stranger; besides, a stranger who
congratulates me for being simply a living
human being will never win my confidence!