Poems about death - 031. Gulf Of Life And Death

031. Gulf Of Life And Death - Poem by Praveen Kumar In Shobha Priya

It was a sad and sweet rainy day,
Calm, chill, dumb like black clouds;
It was a bad, funless, grim day,
All was dull with unknown forebodings;
Face to face, they sat in silence,
No word to speak, no shine in eyes,
Both blankly stared beyond each other;
No world to smile, no light or sunshine,
They sought each other for hope and comfort
In the eye of high tide of the time's drift.

She stole his sight; him, her in turn,
Their hearts spoke, though they could not;
Chill was too deep to bear for them,
For, they must part, part forever
On divided roads to loathsome future;
How could they part, none of they know,
How could they live, bereft of each?
They met each other in gloom's deep pond
And found rare warmth, exclusive for them
That stirred all cool and thawed their moods.

She threw her dice to defreeze the ice,
To build a bridge through the dreary gulf;
She said, she knows how deep his love is,
As bright, constant as the sun itself;
Yet, sets, rises, the sun in cycles
On eternal course on the nature's dictates;
Who knows, she said, what in store for them
Along the uncertain zigzags of the life,
Some may fill my place by better right
And relegate me soon to oblivion's pits.

When we part, all will be chill and nought,
No more, I, I, nor you, ever you;
I just pass on to the endless sky
And sink, he said, in bottomless death;
She stared at him with breath held a while,
Yes, she said, I too will be lost,
A dead-end I reach and perish forever;
They saw sad gulf, wide open, not far,
Where coursed accurst divided future
To drift them apart to distant horizons.

The air was thick with sad forebodings,
Thick gloom around, blind days ahead;
They knew not how to face and fight
Or yield and part to bleed their hearts;
No glimmer of light inside or outside
To lay their hopes to survive the tides;
Inside, outside, everywhere darkness,
Inside, outside, everywhere darkness,
Life was darkness, death was darkness,
They loved to plunge to death's darkness.

Days rolled like black waves of hell
And tore them apart in distant swirls;
They silently wept and begged for each,
Cried aloud 'neath the deafening waves;
No will they had to swim or float,
Deeper and deep, they sank like dead weights,
In parted worlds of shattered hopes;
A giant wave while washed ashore
Carried the man aland and gone;
On shore, he waited for his love's advent.

Days came, passed, nowhere was she,
No tides whispered her whereabouts;
True to promise, she sank to calm death,
In hope to meet her love somewhere;
He on shore, in the glare of sunshine
Honed for her in impossible esperance,
That she may breakout somewhere some day,
From clouds, horizons, water or air,
Here or there, anywhere, somewhere;
Aye, who bridge the gulf between life and death?