Poems about death - 8. Death

8. Death - Poem by Daniel Cobb

Already approaching the night;
The pale moon rises, glowing bright.
All hearts pound in fear at the sight,
For at this hour, they come in flight.
Through graveyards, zombies tread;
Released from hell - the living dead.
From the fiery pits they emerge;
A swarm of evil spirits surge.

Death hides under flowing black robes,
While he walks down the road.
He takes the living; he comes and goes;
He steals their souls, but no one knows.
He chants in an ancient language,
Through the mist on the ground.
He calls the forces of darkness,
With a strange sound.

From a sea of forgotten graves,
Now the souls of the lost are slaves.
Demons hide, staying out of sight;
Darkness comes on a starless night.
The veil between worlds grows weak;
Souls of the damned are loosed to seek
Their revenge upon any they desire
Before being forced back into the eternal fire.

In the dark woods,
Skeletons wear black hoods.
Their eyes glow and burn in their skulls;
Everything they touch dulls.
From the ashes, a fire will be woken;
From the silence, a name shall be spoken.
Beneath their tattered cloaks, their faces are hidden,
Mounted upon black steeds no mortal's ever ridden.

Dark shadows sweep across the land,
To take souls in their sleep;
Why don't you understand
It's you they wish to keep?
If they should ever capture you,
There is nothing you can do.
They'll drag you down to hell and flame,
And bring you back to whence they came.

You lived in a bright world of light;
That's where I want to be.
I stayed in the shadows of the night,
But you could not see me.
I wanted to be by your side,
But from your light, I had to hide.
That's when I first saw you;
Now you can see me too.

Please fair maiden, set me free;
Your kiss could be the end of me.
Should I wake without you there,
The thought is more than I can bear.
You'll come to me - I know you will;
You hate me, yet you love me still.
It's too late for you now, my dear;
Your soul is mine and you’re trapped here.

You were an angel sheltered by the sunlight,
But I was a creature of the midnight.
Hidden in the darkness, I keep from sight;
I could never enter your world of light.
How could you know the world down below
Was filled with such great pain and sorrow?
You are a ray of light in the shadows of my soul;
Only your love could ever make me whole.

I am standing in the shadows,
Just past where the light ends.
You wait for me somewhere over the rainbow;
I hope we can be friends.
Listening to you laugh, I see you smile;
My heart stops beating for a while.
I watch you from a distance, waiting patiently;
I know someday you'll be ready.

A stranger stands out;
He pauses at my silent stare.
We've met before without a doubt;
I blink, but he's no longer there.
My search goes on for just a while,
He stays just beyond my glance;
Something about his smile
Tells me he will give me a chance.

He waits so patiently,
For the day that he can have me.
My turn came and I finally met him;
Somehow, I've upset him.
He tries to convince me to come away,
But he can't fool me today.
Death wants to dance with me in life;
He wants to take me as his wife.

His kiss is cold. He has no face.
There's a shadow in its place.
And as time stops, I start to cry;
The music dies and so do I.
Death will offer you his hand;
If you reach out, but you don't understand,
Then your first dance will be your last;
The time will pass so fast.

Tick tock goes the clock;
At the chime,
You'll close your eyes
For the last time.
Just one inch closer,
It will claim you;
Another hour,
It could've been you.

Why are you here in hell?
It was for love of me you fell!
This world is full of pain and fear;
You belong up there in heaven, my dear.
Whisper the words that I long to hear;
Say you will always stay here.
Close your eyes and set your soul free;
Only then, you'll belong to me.

Come, my sweet angel and be my love!
What need you from that bright world above?
You've been so kind to me, for you set my soul free;
Is it true you would give up heaven to be with me?
To love and cherish until death do us part;
You whisper these words with an empty heart.
If you aren’t happy here, just say so,
And I will let you go.

Do you still want to be my princess,
Dwelling with me in the darkness?
Then I will wait with the patience of a saint,
Until your body death shall taint.
Don't you belong up there instead?
Will you be mine once you are dead?
This night you shall ride by my side;
I'll drag you down to be my bride!

I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death;
I hear them scream - the sight takes away my breath.
You may wonder why they cry, but I know the answer well;
These lost souls are trapped here in hell.

That's how it feels to be haunted in a dream,1
Alone in the dark where nobody can hear you scream.3
Twisted thoughts reach beyond what you can bare; 0
You can't even sleep for fear of the next nightmare.2

There's a shadow in my soul - it's part of my darkest dreams;
For all I hear inside my head are my own silent screams.
Death is waiting for an answer I'm not sure I can give,
For I am just a child who still has a life left to live.

I lost my heart so long ago I can't remember need;
Now my only urge is the one that makes me feed.
Light, love, and life - I have no more to give; 0
I must take now - that's how I live.

Life is full of opportunities. You might fall.
You might miss some, but you won't miss them all.
It's hard to see, but which road will you choose?
If you give up, you’re guaranteed to lose!

Death is the end for you - game over - it's done;
It will tell you there's no way out and that it's won.
You feel it in your soul - you see it in your dreams;
I can hear your heart pound at your vexed screams.

Something’s holding you back that you can't fight;
Your path is dark, yet you look for the light.
You don't know where it is, but find out fast;
For you don't know how long your life will last.

Nothing seems to work the way you want it to; 2
Get on with your life - that's all you can do.
When life gets hard and you can't take it anymore,
Ask yourself what you're living for.

Around in circles the clock goes;
When will it stop? Nobody knows!
For now, you may be alive and kicking,
But the clock keeps on ticking!

You don't know when the date is set;
If you don't forget, it won't come as a threat.1
Someday, death will come for you;
You can't say that I never warned you.

I tell you that your time will come;
This life might seem too short for some.
Someday the clock will stop spinning;
But this time, there's no winning.

Live this life to the fullest,
Don't wait for the perfect time.
Death may have its own schedule,
But it's always on time.

You lie here still - not once you move;
Is there a point you want to prove?
Is this some game that you play now?
If it can end, please tell me how.

I'm standing here, over your grave;
I must carry on without you - be brave.
There's emptiness in my life from now on;
I don't want to admit that you're gone.

Your life is one we will never forget;
Your death has left us with much regret.
Don't be surprised if the world moves on,
And they never realize when you are gone.

Nothing I do, nothing I say,
Can bring you back now anyway.
So at your grave I weep and cry,
Wondering why you had to die.

In the darkness, you lie awake;
He comes to you, your soul to take.
You sit up straight on your warm bed,
As dark thoughts fill your heart with dread.

A shadow sweeps across the door;
Mysterious moonlight falls to the floor.0
Backed into a corner, you hide in fear;
You scream, but nobody can hear.

Death's coming after you;
Now there's nothing you can do.
He comes closer - it gets colder;
Death touches you on the shoulder.

He has decided to take you;
You're leaving this world behind you.
You beg and plead to be set free,
But he declares it cannot be.

Take a deep breath - pick up a knife;
The time has come to end your life.
Suddenly your heart stops;
You fall to the ground as blood drops.
So watch as your friends cry;
You never got to say goodbye.
See all the pain you put them in?
God won't let you live again!

To leave this life is such a shame,
But you thought it was just a game.
You only have yourself to blame;
You never trusted in His Name.
All your life, you have lived a lie;
The pain will be gone when you die.
Somewhere, you made a wrong turn;
Now in hell you will burn.

Death's hunting after me;
It tries to take my life from me.
I'm not ready for eternity;
I don't want to face my destiny.

Death calls out to me in its wrath;
Pulling me toward a darker path.
It wants me to go my own way;
It's looking better everyday.

I don't care about the cost,
No matter what may be lost.
With a heart that is pure and true,
I'll do my best to fight for you.

I'll fight with all the strength I find;
With all my heart - with all my mind.
Don't let me die or let me fall;
Please help me to get through it all.

Death is a door we all pass through,
Rising again - or we can’t be made new.
Only afterwards do we start living;
We're just getting ready for the real thing.

Death is a gateway to another place;
It will take you through time and space.
When death whispers in your ear,
Don't give in to your fear!

Gaze not at the grave with bones of the brave;
Look not at the life that was lost.
The body is a shell that the spirit can't save;
I beg you, my friend, count the cost.

Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I pray that you'll be prepared to die.
So don't stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there, nor do I sleep.

I put on my act and I wear my face,
Behind a fancy mask in this twisted place.
Everyone keeps the truth deep in their eyes;
I know their sweet smiles are just lies.

I'm not afraid, taking a chance;
I dare to join death in this dance.
He spins me around, and with each glance,
I feel like I'm lost in a trance.

Hesitantly taking his hand,
I'm a slave to his command.
Then in the light, I see his face;
He is the prince of this dark place.

If life is a dance, so is death;
It comes and goes just like a breath.
Death comes for me once more,
And takes me in his arms on the dance floor.

Standing here in silence,
My life hangs in the balance.
Emptiness I can't explain;
There's no purpose to my pain.

No one can see the tears I cry;
I go through life without a reason why,
Only to find out my whole life was a lie.
Should I give it another try?

Nothing is going right;
There seems to be no hope in sight.
I just want to let go and fall;
I might as well just end it all.

Why do we go on living
In a world that's so unforgiving?
My life has been a constant war;
I don't want to fight anymore.

With anger inside me,
I walk to the edge of a cliff;
Then I spread out my arms,
And I jump - my legs are so stiff.

The breeze sweeps past my face;
As my heart starts to race.
And with my wings, I touch the sky;
Paradise begins to die.

The time has come - this is the end;
Hiding in the darkness, it's easy to pretend.
You can't save me, but you can try;
I want to end my pain and die.

Why did I ever believe you loved me?
How could I be so blind not to see?
At times like these, I just can't breathe at all;
Will you be there to catch me when I fall?

A gust of wind blew back my hair;
Then when I turned, he was right there.
He stopped and looked me in the eye;
Knowing I was about to die.

I can see that cunning creature,
And he wants to take me.
I try to fight back, but I can't;
He is too strong for me.

As he approached, I grew weak;
And though I tried, I could not speak.
Then he was gone and I was dead;
Nothing could be done or said.

Death is knocking at my door;
He waits for me to let him in.
I've never been so afraid before,
But I won't let him win.

Anyone can live a life that is fake;
It's easy - a piece of cake,
But it'd be a big mistake;
That's a chance you can't take.

Before you are dead,
Think about the life you've led.
Soon you'll be at heaven's gate;
Make up your mind before it's too late.

So this is life, or how it's shown,
But there's so much more that's not known.
I fear what I will find - a destiny I dread;
My life could've been yours instead.

You can dream, but it's not for me.
When will you make it a reality?
Will your dreams fail the test,
Or die like all the rest?

Lying on the floor,
I just can't take this anymore.
I wait for a new life to start;
This is the hope here in my heart.

I wait for death to come for me;
Then from this life, I will be free.
They say one dropp raises the sea;
If I were gone, who would miss me?

Just let me go - just let me die;
I can't go on - can't live this lie.
And as this world fades from my view,
The last thing that I see is you.

Where have you been, my friend?
The time has come - I'm at my end.
I've spent my days in pain and strife,
So take me far away from this life.

Life keeps going on so fast,
But who knows how long it will last?
Death doesn't care who you are;
It will come wherever you are.

It sneaks up on you slowly,
Whispering kind words lowly,
Creeping into your dreams at night;
Your face is filled with fright.

No more to be or not to be;
It will take you like it took me,
But when it's over, you're free.
It may come soon, but you won't see.

It's easy to pretend
That this life won't come to an end.
None of us will live forever;
So say your prayers. It's now or never.

Death walked right into my room;
I prepared to meet my doom.
Instead, I found a smiling face
In an unexpected place.

There he was, staring at me;
I wondered how it could be.
Then he reached out a hand
And helped me understand.

Falling onto the floor;
I didn't feel any pain anymore.
Then I wondered why
He didn't just let me die.

Though I was still very afraid,
The look in his eyes would not fade.
Then he left me and I stayed here;
Why for all this time did I fear?

I will let go and fall,
But it won't hurt at all.
Into darkness I descend;
The time has come - this is the end.

It feels like I'm going insane;
Is there a way to end this pain?
Now I leave this mortal plane;
I pray my life was not in vain.

Soon it will all be over,
And everyone will forget.
The ground's moving closer;
So over the edge, I step.

Nobody notices I'm gone,
And that's just fine with me.
I'm nothing to anyone,
Not even a memory.

Death comes for me,
So quiet and still;
It makes its move,
Closing in for the kill.

I've seen it take people;
They fought it too.
They weren't able to resist it;
And it will take you too.

It's slowly killing me;
The pain leaves me.
It's closing in all around me,
But I'll fight to be free.

Life is nowhere to be seen;
Death has taken everything.
There's no light anywhere,
Only this darkness everywhere.

In this life we can't stay;
Death will come to us all.
It ensnares us along the way;
Some are strong, but still fall.

At the moment one is born,
It starts from the first breath.
There's no way to escape it;
We're doomed to meet our death.

It's just the way of life,
Like the setting sun;
From the day we are born,
It has already begun.

Into this world we are born,
Then from it, we are torn;
From the welcoming womb
To the terrible tomb.

Hello, my name’s Death.
Don’t try to run.
You can't hide from my breath;
I come for everyone.

I have waited patiently;
Why weren't you ready for me?
I visit everyone once in life;
Now it's your turn, you see.

Death is my name,
Life is my game.
You called for me,
And so I came.

The time has come;
Now take my hand.
This won't be easy
To understand.

Life is a dream;
I can't wake up,
Like a failed test
With no make-up.

There is no way to know
When it's your time to go.
Who is next? I can't see!
I hope it won't be me.

I don't know what lies ahead
After I am gone and dead.
I wonder what will become of me;
Will I ever be set free?

What is life if all there is,
Is over when we die?
What is life without the truth?
It's just a lie!

So full of fear
As he comes near.
My blood is drained;
The ground gets stained.

My pain is in the past;
I've left this life at last.
Death has a hold of me;
It won't let go of me.

Your eyes betray
What you won't say.
Take off your mask;
That's all I ask.

To dance with death
I have no fear.
The promise of peace
Has led me here.

It's do or die;
There is no try.
But now I find
Fear clouds my mind.

I've lost my way;
I've been led astray.
I feel so misled;
I must be dead.

This pain I feel
Has to be real;
But now I fear
The end is near.

Can anyone
Hear my last cry?
Is this the end?
Farewell! Goodbye!

We live - we die.
We don't know why.
We've come so far,
Yet here we are.

But no one knows
Where the wind blows;
Where it comes from
Or where it goes.

I don't know how,
I lost my way,
But it seems now
I'm here to stay.

And though I may
Not know the way,
And I might die,
I have to try.