Poems about death - A Beautiful Death

A Beautiful Death - Poem by Cassandra Hooper

Fragility and whispers
Create a perfect backdrop
A scene set in stone
For when the beating of my heart'll stop
So I'll drink to us
And all we used to be
I'll let the venom run its course
And the poison set me free
Never have I felt pain
As unrelentless as this
Derived from sorrow
And loneliness
My lips are stained
By the sickingly sweet taste of death
My pulse is fading quickly
As I take my final breath
I start to hear music
Like a sweet lullaby in my head
And I see beautifully wilted roses
I must be in the land of the dead
Now the ravens have started singing
And the stars are calling my name
Sometimes death is just so beautiful
It can numb the sharpest pain

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