Poems about death - 1. An Introduction To Life, Love, Loss, And Death

1. An Introduction To Life, Love, Loss, And Death - Poem by Not Long Left

shattering the fragile peace of sleep
sirens, sharp and sinister startle the senses.
flashing blue lights glitter ball the bedroom
luring the silhouettes into revealing themselves.

looming closer and louder until a sudden silence
tells us of thier arrival, we rise, slowly we pull
back the curtains enough to see but not be seen.

shimmering in its whiteness the ambulance
attracts both the street light and our sight
'it's Jim' you saying in a knowing tone.
'we should go down he lives alone'

scooping up the nearest item of warmth
gathering our senses we drift downstairs.
the street is packed full with half sleeping
spectators, neck stretched, mouths mouthing for news.

coaxing open the half hanging gate and enter
the house for the first time, instantly we are aware
of the troubled life you clearly only half live.

a crowd of cups gathered next to the tattered tassels
of the armchair are overflowing with over inhaled
cigarettes, as week old bread dotted with mould
crunches under our feet.

through the gap of green legs under the avacodo
sink two sharp bony knees can be seen
'what type of medication does he take'
'i'm sorry we have never spoken nor met'