Poems about death - (lak' Re-Mel) , Starved To Death

(lak' Re-Mel) , Starved To Death - Poem by Renee Marie

Some cowboys in Washington
cannot synthesizes a substance
called 'pain'.
Lacrimation is starved to death
on diets rich in 'silver spoon'!

I visualize
cries of the world
flowing freely
toward level ground.
I send this bold river
in vivid, global tongue.
But what can ever lubricate the cowboys' ancient articulations?
What can swell their barren hearts
to wake them... up?

Every nation,
every single
choice and direction
collects and re-distributes
comforts or distress.
Do cowboys always get what they want -
Is there no higher ground
to find our level ground
to stand upon?

Trails where we cried,
are lined with men who dominate
yet shed not even one, stoic tear.

Whose barren ranch,
from which to rest and scheme and shoot each other,
spawns only lack of compromise? Over and over
the postured brilliance is transparently

White-washed, the cronies never sweat
or shed anything but thick,
calculated control and sweat
only to lubricate the fear-wheels
of progress we all consume;

(c) Renee Marie

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