Poems about dream - * Haunted Dream

* Haunted Dream - Poem by Inner Whispers

Food and wine, at it's cocktail's best
classical sound been heard, anyone could rest,
men in tuxedos, woman at their best gowns
talking at civil manners, with smiles, enjoying the party,
small laughs and whispers, elite people usually do this, really.

Then yOu came and pulled me
to a hidden garden of the party's place, yOu grab and drag me,
a secluded place, enough for us to hide and stay
and from there, suddenly yOu appeared naked as we lay...

I sensed yOur hands irrisistably shaking,
pulling off my small piece of cloth there, and I know I am waiting,
kisses been done, hurrying and scrutinizing
as we exchange our touches, oh, so intensely burning!

Whispers I heard from yOur lips as yOu stare
can't remember the words but yOu seem to dare,
how yOu want me badly, heavy breath I sensed
which made me long for each move yOu gave and made...!

I traced your bare back, felt your skin
I felt your weight, too close, too near,
squeezing me so tight, though yOur hands gently guide
harsh but not hurting me, as you managed to slide and glide...

Hmn...every move yOu made, turned me into heat
I uttered, 'Hon, not here, please...' though I want it too, I admit,
and I can't deny the feeling, pulled yOu into my deep
surrendering my soul, which brought me moan with bliss!

In my dream, yOu're so near, too close, yOu're so real
Don't want it to end, I wish not to wake up, what's this?
I cuddled my pillow, then began to weep
Why it isn't real but a dream, too much to keep?

Ahhh... I wish to be with yOu, to be near yOu now
fulfill my dream, make it real, feel you real,
and this makes me miss yOu more than ever
haunting these dream again and again to feel yOu than never!