Poems about dream - (a) 6 (Love/Passion) A Sensuous Dream

(a) 6 (Love/Passion) A Sensuous Dream - Poem by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

I was drunk with the sobriety of my love
Wandering with a passion of a possessed soul
Swimming in the azure waters of my wonderous cove
Thought that I had discovered love that was whole

In your light, the rays that touched me set me ablaze
Torching a flame in my heart, urging a song
To give, to surrender, to live forever in this love haze
And to live in this radiant light for as long
as the fire crackled in this warm universe
and the monsoon made love to this thirsty earth

Drenched in this ecstasy, I let the beauty dance
Unleashing a rapturous force that shook my soul
Breathing new life in me with just one of your glance
Words pouring out to celebrate this romance

In this dawn of hope, he came with a searing kiss
And woke me up from this languid dream
where I had got lost in the timeless bliss
Now completely awake, dazzled by the sunbeams
Groping in the darkness of my subconscious
All I remembered, t'was a dream...so sensuous