Poems about dream - ! ! ! ...Unforgettable Dream

! ! ! ...Unforgettable Dream - Poem by Seema Aarella

Tear my aged loneliness
Into bits and unfurl a fresh leaf
On which I can write again
A new song and recite it
While relishing in your arms

Hold my hand in yours
As one and lead me
Into the euphoric throng
Let’s get lost in the carnival night
Like young lovers on their first date

Break the prison of darkness
Show me the dawn
Coming up in your eyes
Flashing keen desire beams
Drench me in the insatiable light

Scan me like I was a book
Every inch of me you read
If I fail to speak a word
Just lift them off from my lips
And become familiar with me

Touch and burn me to ashes
And dissolve me in the Ganges
Of your love, grant me deliverance
In your squeezing embrace
And release my caged feelings

Return me to my usual sleep
On the bed of seclusion
The daybreak is nearing
I will soon be awake
From another unforgettable dream.