Poems about dream - {song, Poem}american Dream

{song, Poem}american Dream - Poem by chris bowen, a.k.a to wit

the whole elected
seems infected
the rich have wrecked it
i wouldnt have guessed it

american dream
not what it seems
they sold a false promise
from our dads and our mamas
they tell us straight
straight to our face
theres nothing in the coffers
for our generation
then wage war on foreign nations
gotta get to hatin
american dream
dont seem
for me

lake of fire bargain
token sha-man
went walkin i saw him
jim morrison in the wind
saying raise your hand
and beat, god damn
theres got to be a plan
for the middle class man
i write, they bite, but not tonight
im feelin alright but my gut is tight
just like you i knew
american dream is for just a few
not me, not you
american dream

dont think about it
just like what they serve
go by the words you heard
im sure they've seen whats coming
nowhere to live not eating nothing
in the land of plenty man you got to give me
american dream not lovin me
american dream
american dream