Poems about dream - 2010/07/27 One Dream

2010/07/27 One Dream - Poem by Margaret Alice

One dream, just one dream a week to keep
me alive, one dream, just one dream a week
to keep me sweet, does not matter how often
I die, does not matter that I often cry, just one
dream, one hour a week to carry me through
the moments of death when all of life fizzles
out, when all else desert me and I bleed inside

It just takes one dream a week to keep me so
vibrantly alive, to let me know that life goes on
after the body is lost, I cannot wait to shed this
shell and this life, but while I am alive, I shall
live high with passion because I do not need
much, just one dream a week, just one smile
just one secret glance and one secret touch

Afterwards, when my mind survives my life I
shall cherish the sweet thoughts I have known,
I shall enjoy every secret sigh, every wonderful
feeling of love – this is all it takes, reality is only
illusion, there is nothing here, it all lives in the
mind and mine is filled with enough romance
to last for infinity, and while I am here, serving

Penance for being born, just one dream a week
is all it takes to fill my being with light…