Poems about dream - (aaj) Not In My Dream

(aaj) Not In My Dream - Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

The world now beholds
is not my dream,
The chaos, the turmoil
and the plague is not in my dream

The promiscuousity, the non-respect
for the olds and the corruption
is not my in my dream

Gone are the days when birds
will sing their lovely madrigals.
Gone are the days when the
clean and pure winds softly whisper
their voices in the graceful
swaying of the green grass.

What is left is an asphalt jungle,
with its obnoxious and asphyxiating air
What is left now are fears,
greed, rudeness and callousness.

What is left are only memories
of our youth full of hopes and
dreams in the goodness of life.

The world now that seems to
explode anytime is not my dream.
The leader of the world now is not my dream.

Continue dreaming then that all
what the world beholds now
is not in our dreams