Poems about dream - The Dream

The Dream - Poem by meenambika krishna

Thus dreameth the Woman:

'If i could ride on the wings of my thoughts..
wudve flown down to u, through the window by ur bedside..
knelt down by ur side..just to watch u in silence, all night..'

and a Dream was born..

'If i were a Sleep Fairy...
wudve cast a spell of deeper sleep...then snuggle as close..as close can be..
to lose myself in the music of ur kind heart..imbibe ur warmth in my body and soul...
and whisperingly ask: shall i call this love...?

u dont hear me though; u dont say a word..

i am hurt...i ask u again and again: shall i call this love...
u dont hear me though; u dont say a word...

i realise with a shock: i am, but a dream...
born of a woman, but broken free of her...
a dream so brave and complacent
that wished to break into the real world..
to eke a life on its own..

now i gape at the hollowness of my existence..
the emptiness of my being..
tears well in my eyes..
i ask: dont u know me at all..? ?

u dont hear me though; u dont say a word..

just about then the spell expires..
u wake up from ur sweet slumber..
i try in vain not to wilt away..
I beg to manisfest in the world of the real..

But i recede fast from the shores of reality..
into emptiness..
my love, will we ever meet again..?

I wish i'd lasted a little longer..
just enough to whisper in ur ears:
I am a dream, but my love is real..
I have a heart that is so true to u..

By then, i am no more..
if only i'd known..that i was just a dream..'