Poems about dream - (088) Dream

(088) Dream - Poem by premji premji

Yester night
I dreamt of your face,
like: a glittering pearl,
like: a blossoming lotus!

How luminous
and captivating is
your face!

Whose love
made your face
so attractive?
Whose kiss
made your lips so red?
Whose thoughts made
your mind so calm?

The mild heat of your love
keep the fog of tragedies away
and your love dissolves in me
like lovely moonshine in earth!

You are not my slave
and I not yours!
But we are slaves of
true love!
Your love keeps my heart
so warm always!

please remove your veil...
O God!
Who are you my love?
Goddess of love or
the full moon that shines in deserts?
The beauty of all stars
in the depths of your eyes!
My love, I can't stand
your shocking beauty,
the aura of love
that covers you is
so intense!