Poems about dream - ! In Pursuit Of The Dream

! In Pursuit Of The Dream - Poem by Linda Ori

If I could just reach out and grab
That elusive dream of all I seek
Yet with each grasp I cannot hold
It long enough to truly know
The secrets held within

For dreams are like the air we breathe
Unseen but yet they do exist
Somewhere within our inner selves
Reflections of unfinished thoughts
Beyond the lucid mind

I wonder when I dream of you
If you are dreaming of me, too
Existing in this other realm
Too fragile for our daily lives
This life beneath the veil

Where passions rule and we are free
To be ourselves, just you and me
Exploring hidden fantasies
Too rich to share in waking time
We'll live within our dreams

How sweet to know that you'll be there
Each night when I lay down to sleep
I'll close my eyes and there you'll be
To take my hand and walk with me
Until the morning light.