Poems about food - B10 Water And Food

B10 Water And Food - Poem by Simple Simon

It took three days almost,
To cross the Shur Desert.
No drinking water there
Was found just anywhere.

To Marah, a place, they came.
They faced a different problem.
The water was bitter to taste.
Their search became a waste.

When Moses prayed to the Lord,
God showed a piece of wood,
He threw it in the water,
And then, it turned sweeter.

There the Lord gave them
Laws to live by, for all time.
Saying, 'You'll not be punished
If my laws are fully followed.'

They complained, 'In Egypt,
We ate good bread and meat.
Here, we've nothing to eat,
In the middle of this desert.'

When Moses prayed again,
God sent them bread, like rain,
From the sky, all week-days
Excepting Seventh days.

For, every Seventh day
Was His Sabbath day.
He gave them extra breads
On sixth day, twice their needs.

The desert they all crossed;
At Rephidim, they camped.
For water, there was much demand.
They waited on God's command.

God said to Moses, 'Strike the rock
At Sinai Mount, with your stick.'
When Moses did the same;
Out from the rock, sweet water came!