Poems about food - 2 Chefs Who Cook Love Food

2 Chefs Who Cook Love Food - Poem by bacila simona

Tonight my hands carry bag with ingredients
enter door, push it in noise, slip some carrots
in high heels and white dress go to kitchen
my lover comes to cook with kisses in stolen.

Let music sound fills room and candles burn
a serene knock on the door, it is my turn
to walk as cat, push lock in deep emotion
he is the fantasy and I have no question.

Give me a red wine, slowly touch my shoulder
then in easy move both prepare to cook dinner
harmonize in ravishing taste the secret love
with fish and sweet potatoes and lot of give.

Move in kitchen space, add salt and pepper
cutting in pieces, boil, fire wakes up fever
laughs add to the living transform in art
the simple look of fish, now wearing the love shirt.

We enjoy smell of nature most flavouring gift
fingers strip the mistery of touch who lift
wine put blush on cheeks, still free the passion
our beings jump in world of food and tension.

This is creation on small scale of universe
rainbow shines above in favour of the promise
that love energy heals each wound in path
globe of our humble present melting tough.