Poems about food - Cost Of Food

Cost Of Food - Poem by Vidi Writes

World reels
Food shortage
A great crisis
Turns the wheel

Rich cry
Middle class eat in galore
Poor cry
Cost is more.

Green lands
At the cost of
Global developments

Kith and kin
Left to towns
Farmer suicides
At the cost of moneylenders.

Stocks on hoard
Food prices sore
Steel price reduced for
Construction boom.

Take over happens
Motor Car and Mobile Phone - flourish
Technology bids
Crores spent in trade.

Price index high
Inflation at rise
Global search for -
‘Consumption Index’! !

Articles written
‘Chocolate’ good for health
Companies’ relish
At the cost of a report.

Hands in mud, Sweat in head
If reported, – ‘A bonus to health’
Countrymen may take up agriculture
I am searching for a reporter! !