Poems about food - Lessons From Cooking Food

Lessons From Cooking Food - Poem by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

From childhood to adulthood
I learnt many things by cooking food
Attained the real manhood
Learnt many things so good
The realities of life
How to make life wonderful
Cooking the food
Taught me all
After a countless fail
How to succeed
Life is like a fruit
Tastes sour when unripe
And sweet when ripe
Life is a recipe
You can make it good
Or very bad
As spices adds flavour
So do variety in life
Add right quantity of salt
Spices and other ingredients
And you will get a good dish
Well-cooked tasty fish
In life too
You have to woo
Live life well balanced
Don't take a halt
Add the flavour of love
Sympathy and romance
Don't miss the chance
Dance at the tune of moment
Enjoy every moment