Poems about food - Food For Thought

Food For Thought - Poem by david mitchell

'Of his diete mesurable was he,
For it was of no superfluitee,
But of greet norissyng and digestible.'
(Chaucer, Cant. T., Gen. Prol., I.435-437.)

At what I am about to write
I don't intend to start a fight;
Although the atmosphere is tense,
To me it seems like common sense.

The more you eat, the more you weigh —
He risks his life who so should say.
Or if you eat a lot, then you
Must do some exercises too.

No longer can I keep quiet
About this nonsense 'diet' —
You have a liver to detoxify you.
You all should take some care
That water, sleep, fresh air,
Do not conspire together to defy you.

(Tuesday,3rd January,2006.)

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