Poems about food - Don'T Play With Food

Don'T Play With Food - Poem by Robert Edgar Burns

A burglar came up to my door
And asked did I lose my cat?
I don't steal little kitty's
And so I'm bringing her back.

A spotted leopard chased a deer
And I thought this won't be good.
But little did I know that big cat
Only wanted to play with food.

A puppy, a kitty, a hamster, a bunny,
Sit on my porch when it is sunny.
Two wiggle their noses, one naps with a snore,
And kitty is puzzled by the mouse on the floor.

A rooster is leading some hens and some chicks,
Across an old board, over water, nice trick.
A duck floats right by with five chicks on her back.
I asked where's she going, and I only heard 'Quack.'

Three froggies are croaking at dawn in the swamp.
They watch out for gators who sometimes go chomp!
But the gators growl groggily and sometimes they snort.
They won't bother the froggies, they hate to get warts.