Poems about food - Chuck Wagon Food

Chuck Wagon Food - Poem by Marilyn Lott

There is nothing like the old Chuck Wagon
Food cooked outside in the open air
Grilled and pan-fried food on the menu
For all the ranch hands to share

They cooked in all kinds of weather
Eaten by cowboys and cowgirls as well
What a rustic way to live and to eat
Many stories those Chuck Wagons could tell

Kinda gives me chills to observe
Pictures and postcards from back then
And of course we all have in the past
Many Chuck Wagon folks were our kin

Today, you know, they have contests
All cook that Chuck Wagon food
The smoky smells waft through the air
Sure puts you in a hungry mood

So if you get a chance some time
To enjoy a delicious Chuck Wagon meal
I know you’ll love every moment and bite
Outdoors with a down-home country feel!