Poems about food - A Tasty Food

A Tasty Food - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

Prepare for me a tasty food from your love and,
Feed me with your red stew of love all day long;

Come and caress my body my sweet one,
And, i will love you more than the sugar in my tea.

Come and make love to me my love,
And, let me be the one for you;

For, i will kiss you more than a bee sucks nectar!
Because, i am ripe for you and i have been so longing for your love.

Come my sweet love! !
For when the morning dawns, my flowers will bloom.

Bloom, blossom!
I have prepared a bed of roses for you;

So, come and let us share the night together;
For, you are the tasrty food that i need on this bed.