Poems about friend - (22) For A Friend

(22) For A Friend - Poem by Lubna S. Khan

When gently the rains come down,
And the clouds take a walk,
I often think of you,
And long to have a talk!

oh Dear friend of mine,
In air I look at your face
Sumtimes lonely and mostly alone
Our voices I hear in space!

Distances cannot part us
Nor can the world's way,
Neither our lives so different
Can let us walk astray!

I fight with you, scold you
And you yell back at me!
But I don't mean a little thing
And the same with you I see!

But just one thing I beg to you
And I feel that's all very fair.
'Go on to enjoy your new life
but don forget the one you care! '

(written in February,2009)