Poems about friend - (untitled) For My Best Friend

(untitled) For My Best Friend - Poem by Nitya Pillai

I wish i could write a wonderful poem,
a poem just for you
A poem which would be for all types of moods
for when you're happy & when you're blue.
The poem would share everything about us
and all the times we've spent together
It would be about the talks we've had
of people and place or
simply about the weather.
It would be of dreams
that you and i share,
of the many many ways
for each other we care.
It would be of emotions
that both of us feel,
it would show the contrast we have
when with our problems we deal.
It would be of fears & tensions
that sometimes grip our mind
of love and comfort & joy and care
with each other that we find.

I dont know if i'll ever be able to
a poem like this write,
to include incidents of our love and strength
and all the in between fights.
The poem will be long i know,
'cause we've talked & dreamt so much!
The poem will be long i know
'cause we've cared & felt so much!
The poem will be long i know
'cause our fears & tensions
have been so many!
The poem will be long i know,
'cause we've been
naughty & horrid & funy!

I don't know if i'll write a poem of this kind
and if i don't manage to
please tell me you won't mind
'cause even if i don't write one
we'll still always remain together
and have our talks of people or places
or simple about the weather!