Poems about friend - (for Jem) A Grounding Rock And Friend

(for Jem) A Grounding Rock And Friend - Poem by Emancipation Planz

We squashed guavas with pine nuts
You rode Cappuccino
then we nuzzled and groomed
we choreographed a dance
drank coffee and discussed that
I was scared of rats as we watched
goats fly. I ate pigs head, was married
twice (once to a boy, then to a girl)
had 5 boyfriends and was pregnant.
Only once did we burp, fart and laugh
and as is compulsory - the police were called.
We visited a baby and an old man,
hung washing, clapped hands.

Today, I did not
visit you in a neuro, ortho or heart ward
Hold you in the passing of a fit
Clean any puke or attend any sh*t.

Today, I grew again in fertile ground
with Jem, my special blonde hair,
blue eyed,23 year old, faith filled
Rock solid friend…
and remembered
18 years of knowing
Holding my breathe in wonder –
knowing that counting to 10
really means counting to 1028
and that patience and tolerance
are only learnt if practiced

I laughed more than I cried.