Poems about girl - A Blind Girl

A Blind Girl - Poem by Metin Sahin

she was blind
but that is life
relentless life
she was blind
but young and beautiful
like an angel in heaven
sometimes she feels
as if she is in prison
sometimes cries and weeps lonely..all alone
like every woman
this young beautiful girl has also a heart
to love and to be loved by
she sometimes giggles and soimetimes laughs
in whispers and in louds
it was life
relentless life
she was blind and blonde
she was young and beautiful
and like every other woman has a heart
never the less
in anyway
her parents left her to a mental hospital
in which the government had put me in
to live and to be protected
because the beauty is always
in danger on this world
angels cannot survive alone on this world
it is a relentless cruel and cruel world
she was blind
she was beautiful
she was blonde
she had also a heart like every woman to be loved
i talked wih her in whisper noise
she loved my voice
and reconciled a bit
one day
on a sunday morning
she came from closed section to visit me
and drink tea with me
smiling and with joy
i tried to boil the water
just then
as always in my life
seeing the beauty near me
the nurse came angrily
did her duty again
she scolded the blind beauty
what are you doing here with this man
go to your section
a very cruel thing to mention
this happened long long ago
in the mental hospital i was staying too
the beautiful blind dissappeared and flew away
weeping..fearing and crying
where had she gone
i have never known
I have never seen her again
she was beautiful and young
blonde as an angel
she had also a heart to love and to be loved by
but it is that relentless life
she was blind
and the world and its nurses are cruel and relentless too
where must this angel be
that was long long ago
perhaps she is in heaven
may be happy there
flying flying and flying with joy
nobody will never know
may be waiting for my voice
to call her