Poems about girl - Always Marry A Summer Girl

Always Marry A Summer Girl - Poem by Gert Strydom

Summer is forever sunny
like the smile on your face,
wet at times when a storm brews
like the drops on your cheek
in the movies,
lovely pleasant evenings
like I have with you.

Great the feast of summer’s splendour,
green the grass
and fruit everywhere.

Sweet the kisses,
that you give me
and sweeter still that you truly love me.

Cool the water of the pool
when the sun is high,
in a blue summer sky.

Still more cool,
is when you’re with me
and the pleasure of being with you.

Toss confetti and a bunch
of pure white roses or two,
since I want to marry you.

Do not yet give an answer,
since time will tell the right moment
and I love you and I love summer too.