Poems about girl - 3. A Young Girl

3. A Young Girl - Poem by Casual Diamond

A smile for all the passing cars
And when one stops with door ajar
She'll just shrug her shoulders and whisper que sera
And her thoughts will turn to her pillow

Her young face now etched with memories
She can now find joy amongst the sleaze
But it's hard when she's been paid to please
So she'll turn her head to the pillow

She swapped her young dreams of shining knights
For junkies, pushers and late bar fights
Unnamed faces in the red lights
So she smells the scent placed on her pillow

Her sullened eyes don't hurt anymore
She's heard all those jokes before
And felt the long arm of the law
A return once more to her pillow

But the daylight comes
And she'll rest her head
The beauty of that empty bed
Daydreaming of happier times ahead
The comfort of her pillow