Poems about girl - 032210c My Dream Desert Girl

032210c My Dream Desert Girl - Poem by Manonton Dalan

i see you hiding behind a tree
your eyes keep on following me
we have this invisible string of line
connecting us, between our minds
your smile is contagious i do it too
it's a happy feeling, so close to you

i can read your lips, i can feel your heart
when kissing, i don't know when to stop
we look at each other's eyes then laugh
we do it again and again, a hungry cat
when my limbs start to wander, you pause
you pinch me, you come up with excuse

i don't mind, i like you to stay with me
just talking, talking. lots and lots of story
sometimes it has been told so many times
we end up both telling segments and parts
we are happy knowing we have each other
from spring, summer, fall and also winter